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  NO.1 (20151121) The most important things people learn are from their families.




  让步:Admittedly, people can learn some crucial things from their families. To be specific, since we were born, our parents impart some living skills such as doing housework and cooking, which can help us to live independently. However, to consider that the most significant things people learn are from their families is a piece of overstatement, because schools and society can also teach us important lessons of life.

  分论点一: 在学校里可以学到和家里一样甚至更重要的东西 专业知识

  Firstly, schools can teach people knowledge. As we all know, schools, the so-called ivory tower, is a place where people gain knowledge, which can lay a solid foundation for future. This above logic is especially true of college education, which serves as a transitional period from school to real society. In universities, young students have the opportunities to specialize in a major they choose and delve into the field of study. What they learned in this phase will pave the way for landing the future career. To be specific, English-majored students are equipped with fluent oral English and comprehensive framework of English gramma. Graduates from financial management department are competent in predict the prospect of the economy according to the principles of market and the data collected. In other words, without the expertise acquired from colleges, anyone is unlikely to achieve success in the future life.

  分论点二: 在社会上可以学到和家里一样甚至更重要的东西  交流能力

  Secondly, society can teach people social skills. As is common sense, one of the defining characteristics of human beings, as social animals, is the degree in which they tend to communicate with strangers and even need to ask help from them. That is to say, the communicative competence plays an irreplaceable role in day-to-day life. In fact, how to relate well with strangers can be learned not from family but from society. To illustrate, at home, the people we meet are our family members or relatives who will unconditionally provide any assistance we need. It is a totally different picture when we enter the society. Every day we may encounter the guys with different personalities and at different ages. In this case, in order to get along with them, we have to conform to some social rules such as being polite and being a good listener. Only by doing this can we cooperate well with others, which is of great significance for our future development.

  NO.2 The best way for a teacher to help students become interested in a subject is to explain that the subject will help them outside school. (学校教育类)




  Admittedly, the opponents may assert that knowing a subject which could be used outside school is a good approach for students to falling in love with it. To illustrate, after applying what they learned about one subject in classroom to the solution of practical problems in daily life, students will gain a sense of achievement and thus have more interest in it. However, the claim that informing students of the practical uses of a subject is the best way to kindle their interest is exaggerated, in that there are other better ways to fulfill the same purpose.


  First of all, adding more class activities can easily stimulate students’ interest in a subject. As we all know, one of the greatest factor for decreasing students’ passion for a subject is the monotony of class arrangement. In other words, if what is going to happen in class is the same as what happened in the whole string of classes before that, student boredom will increase a lot. On the contrary, provided that a variety of tasks and activities are arranged in one class, students will remain continually involved and interested. The group discussion is a good case in point. Participation in discussions can live up the mood in the classroom on a very large basis in a rather short period of time. That is, students may feel a strong sense of participation, which will in turn, enhance their passion and trigger their interests.


  Secondly, improving the charisma of teachers plays an important role in making students have passion for a certain subject. Just as a proverb goes, love me, love my dog, which clearly indicates that teacher charisma is definitely prominent in the sparking student interest in learning. Through the ages, all successful educators are charismatic teachers. To be specific, they are either knowledgeable or humorous, which makes students enjoy to get close to them and listen to their ideas. Given the popularity of teachers, students would of course come to the class and will be highly likely to dig deeper into this school subject. For example, my English teacher in high school was very knowledgeable and humorous in the process of teaching accent. Due to his familiarity with different accents of English in different countries, he often imitated the colloquial American accent, noble English accent and even funny Indian accent. Nearly all of my classmates admired him a lot so that no one had even been absent in his class. Therefore, charisma really spark student interest in learning a subject.








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