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  考题回忆:你认为智能手机下列哪个功能对学生的日常生活(daily life)最有用:手机拍照/听歌/recording lecture?


  解题思路:三选一的题目,一般三个选项之间并无优劣之分。建议考生先快速选择一个,最好是有easy opinion的选项,然后按以下任一思路展开:

  1. 选A,两个分论点均说A的优点;

  2. 选A,第一个分论点说A的优点,第二个分论点说B/C的缺点(最好可以结合A展开);

  3. 选A,第一个分论点说A的优点,第二个分论点说尽管B/C有什么好,还是选A,因为…;

  参考范文:In my opinion, recording lectures is definitely the most useful and only useful function for students among these three options;

  To begin with, there are a great number of lectures and courses for students to learn in the campus, and students cannot understand everything fully if they just listen once, so it is necessary to record and play back so that students won’t feel stressful if they miss certain points in the class; On the other hand, the functions of listening to music or taking photos can be distracting to students and wouldn’t be helpful to their study, while I believe the major task for students in the campus is to learn.


  Task 2




  1. 犯错就是不断成长的过程。很多人因为害怕犯错,不敢尝试,所以一直无法进步;反之,只有勇于犯错,才会找到成功的路,比如爱迪生。

  2. 敢于犯错的孩子更有勇气面对生活。因为这样的孩子明白生活不是一帆风顺,所以会笑对挫折

  参考范文:It goes without saying that the latter one is the right way to cultivate a child. Firstly, the process of making mistakes is the process of growth. A lot of people cannot make progress in their life simply because they are afraid of making mistakes; In contrast, if you dare to fail, you will eventually have a chance to succeed. And I believe one of best example is Thomas Edison, who had failed thousands of times before he successfully invented electric bulb. Moreover, children who dare to make mistakes are more likely to be optimistic about life, especially during difficult times, because they understand life is not plain sailing.


  Task 3

  考题回忆:阅读部分学校计划暑期在学校旁修通往市中心(city center)的火车站。


  1. 暑假也有学生在校上课(summer class)和考试,工程会有很大噪音,还是会吵;

  2. 虽火车速度快,学校附近已一个公车站,也有通往市中心的线路,虽慢但便宜。



  The university plans to XXX.

  In the conversation, the man/woman agree/disagree with this proposal for two reasons.

  Firstly, XXX.

  Secondly, XXX.

  参考范文:The university plans to build a railway station near the campus and there will be a railway line directly from the campus to city center.

  In the conversation, the woman disagrees with this plan. Firstly, she’s convinced that the railway project will still be distracting to a lot of students even during the summer holiday, since there will be students taking summer classes or exams at that time. In addition, though train will be faster, the woman thinks the existing bus route would be sufficient. According to the woman, currently there is a bus route directly from the campus to city center, despite being slow, the price for bus ticket is affordable to most students.


  Task 4


  阅读部分:伪科学pseudoscience:有些人会把misleading claims放到广告里,欺骗消费者。

  听力部分:教授举例:关于益智游戏(brain games)。这些公司在网站上宣称这些游戏会让人变聪明,还说是专家已经做了验证,于是很多人会因为这些所谓科学依据花钱购买产品。然后有一群研究人员上网看,发现这些实验设计不严谨,并不能得出确切结论(not convincing),所以人们都花了冤枉钱。



  XXX(阅读中的概念) refers to XXX,

  In the lecture, the professor gives an example of XXX…

  参考范文:Pseudoscience refers to the activity of inserting misleading claims appeared as scientific facts into advertisement in order to lure customers to buy certain products or services.

  In the lecture, the professor gives an example of brain games. There were companies claiming on the internet that the games they developed would make people smarter, and they announced that certain experts already made thorough research on the effectiveness of these brain games. As a result, lots of customers bought these games because they trusted these claims. However, later these claims turned out to be fake, and the research done by the so-called experts were indeed insufficient, and thus not convincing


  Task 5


  a. 不去短途旅行,以后再去。但是会爽约朋友们,且和姐妹们不在一起上大学,好不容易有机会一起去纽约;

  b. 让其他朋友去自己不去,今年回老家再见。



  The woman is going to XXX(event).However, she XXX(conflict)

  There are two solutions for the woman, she could either XXX or XXX.

  If I were the woman, I would choose to XXX.

  The first reason it that XXX,

  Secondly, XXX.

  参考范文The woman is going to have a basketball match in the weekend. However, she just remembered she had plan a trip with her friends to New York and she’s struggling about what to do.

  There are two solutions, the woman can either cancel the trip or asks her friends to go without her and meets her friends during the summer holiday.

  If I were the woman, I would choose the second solution. Firstly, it is not wise to cancel this trip at last minute, the woman’s friends can still enjoy the trip by themselves, plus they have already paid for the hotel, it is a waste money if they don’t go.

  Secondly, the woman can focus on the match and wouldn’t feel too sorry for her friends since her friends are still going, while the woman can see them during the summer break in their hometown.


  Task 6


  一是动物身体变小,因为人类偏向捕猎大体积动物作为食物。比如鱼,当人们把大鱼捞走,小鱼能够留下来并且pass their genes to the next generation;

  二是大脑变大,因为动物要适应changeable environment,聪明的会活下来。比如老鼠,学会了在城市里生活和寻找食物,脑子聪明的会活下来并把基因传给下一代。



  The professor talks XXX(主旨).

  Firstly, XXX.

  Secondly, XXX.

  参考范文:The professor talks about two ways how human activities affect animal evolution.

  Firstly, it causes animals to grow smaller. This is because human tend to hunt those animals bigger in size as food source. Take fish as an example, when people caught huge number of big fish, smaller fish sustain and they are able to pass their genes to the next generation;

  Secondly, animals began to have larger brain, since they have to adapt to changeable environment and survive. The professor then gives an example of mice, in order to survive in the city and search for food, mice evolve to be smarter, and only the smarter ones will survive and pass their gene to the next generation.




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