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  Task 1

  You are required to be a volunteer in a school beatification day, which of the following would you like to choose.

  1 planting in campus flowers garden

  2 picking up garbage and collect the recyclable material

  3 paint natural and outside arts

  Give specific reasons to support your answer.

  Task 2

  Do you agree or disagree that important business meetings should be held in person rather than use technology such as video conference call. Give specific reasons to support your answer.

  Task 3


  标题:Class auditing discontinue.

  改变:Reasons: class room is rather small and students have lots of questions and comments in class

  观点:The man feels disappointed with the e-mail.

  原因1:professor’s lecture is really interesting and useful, a lot of rooms are available and professor could choose other rooms student could choose to stand or sit on the floor .

  原因2:Professor could set the rule just ask them to sit and listen or allow to ask more questions.

  Task 4


  定义:It is a rare form of cooperation for insects to join to a larger body to face the challenge together.

  阅读例子:The professor takes fire ant as an example. They normally live underground and when it rains, they have to come up to the ground to avoid the water. They come up a good idea to gather together, using their legs and nose to hold each other to form a large body so that they won’t be watered away and the could float on the water till the day area.

  Task 5

  问题:The woman promised to attend her best friend art show, but at the same time she got sick and cough and sneeze all the time.

  解决方案1:Just attend 30minutes and leave afterwards

  优点:He can attend the art show reception part and support her friends.

  缺点:She feels not easy to go and will continue talking after 30mins but she may feel worse after the show.

  解决方案2:To explain to her friends and go to the show next day .


  缺点:The reception time is really important and wonderful that she could not get that experience in the later time.

  Task 6

  标题:Two drawbacks of product line extension

  概念:In order to gain more profits,some companies make similar products to the existing consumer and sell new products to attract new consumers

  要点1:The existing consumes may give up buying old products and the company may lose profits

  例子1:A skin lotion company used to produce products for dry skin consumer and later they produce a new item to attract new customers, but existing consumers prefer the new product and they didn’t buy the old product.

  要点2:The company may ruin its reputation

  例子2:A snack company used to produce natural and organic snacks and in order to attract more consumers, they produce unhealthy and mix some harm ingredients in the food, which confuses consumers and even lost its existing consumers.


  Task 1


  oing and friendly



  Personally speaking, being well-organizedis the most beneficial for starting a business. First, being organized willcontribute to the efficiency of our work. As you can see, when we start ourbusiness, we will get tons of things to do, and sometimes we get messed upbecause we don’t make plans. Organizing things ahead of time will reduce thiskind of situation. Plus, being well-organized is the essential quality of beinga leader. You know, the difference between boss and employees is that bossesare calm and organized, which means that when employees are faced withproblems, bosses can figure out ways of solving it organizing the resourcessuch as the use of materials.


  A/D父母要prevent from difficulties还是让孩子提前有life experience





  媒体叠加效应(availability cascade),举例:一个旅游网站,本来价格低廉,有折扣,很受欢迎,但有一天出故障多收了客户钱,这个事件被电视,报纸,网络等媒体报道接连报道。虽然公司很快把钱退了回去,但是人们还是担心会被多收钱。网站最后变得不那么受欢迎了。


  男生要参加一个生物教授办的party,但是有历史paper要做,之前做好的东西因为坏掉的电脑刚修好,丢失了数据,需要加班多检查几次。联系可以给生物老师发邮件,到时男生不想过多的麻烦生物老师,也可以去参加party 但是这样没法检查paper




  Task 1

  Talk about at least 1 advantage/ disadvantage about not being active on social website and social media.

  Task 2

  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

  It is acceptable that someone use other’s influence to get a job.

  Task 3

  阅读标题: combine students& faculty dinning

  原因1:Students need more space. It is too crowded.

  原因2:Encourage positive social interaction with professor.


  原因1:professors are not often coming to dinning hall. They have more options: eat at home, local restaurant or office. So students could have more space.

  原因2:the student is concern about the “interaction”. She thinks students might bother professor when they just want to deal with their colleagues or eat quietly. But it still worth a try.

  Task 4

  阅读标题:high-effort products

  定义:Products that need people to depend on their own. People who have difficulties toachieve goals would like to choose this kind of products.

  听力例子:The professor did a test: there are two kinds of shoes, one is made in advanced technology, and the slogan is “work less, jump higher”; the other is using muscles,the slogan is “work harder, jump higher.”

  Then he asked 2 basketball teams to choose. The poorly performed team would like to choose the later, while the winning team would prefer the first shoes.

  Task 5

  问题:Sue wrote a paper about people’s health, yet she saw a new study she could add in it. But she has no time because she has a band rehearsal in the afternoon.

  解决方案1:no adding.

  优点1:her paper is cool already , she put much effort on it.

  缺点1:the new study could better her paper.

  解决方案2:skip the band rehearsal

  优点2:she could rewrite the paper and add in the new study.

  缺点2:It is the last rehearsal before music festival.

  Task 6

  话题: How dam could have negative impacts on animals

  要点1:block the passage for species have to migrate.

  例子1:Salmons have to migrate to upper side of the river to mate and reproduce. Their population decrease because of the dam.

  要点2:change of geography will ruin the habituate for some species

  例子2:A kind of birds live at tall grass near the river. But when dam established, there is no growing of tall grass any more. And the birds just vanished.


  Task 1

  One of your friend decided to study more courses in order to graduate one year earlier, do you agree or not agree?

  Task 2

  Your university decided to allow local communities to listen in the campus, they could enter into the class ,but can’t ask questions and don’t have assignments. Do you agree or not agree?

  Task 3

  问题: 女生所在的business club 有临时突发性活动,明天要多花一些时间来准备,她要准备演讲稿,争取可以得到更多的attention, 而且她有意争取明年的leadership所以想有个好表现。但是她明天约好了和朋友去听concert, 这个concert是最近地区的only concert, 而且和朋友已经约好了,爽约不太好,所以很为难。

  Task 4

  阅读Delegation 非常难,研究发现现实生活中放权非常难,很多人不愿意delegation

  听力例子:都是举的厨师的例子,因为管理者除了监督还有自己的工作也要做,如果放权会被认为不作为,然后导致收到批评失去工作; 但是如果放权给其他人就可能面临着被其他人取代的可能,造成自己不必要,也会引起放权者的担心。

  Task 5

  问题:教授提出proposal 要禁止学生进入研究用的 garden, 因为1、学生会折花或者踩踏植物,影响研究; 2、学生如果想亲近自然有其他地方可以去,他们可以去附近的garden ,一样不影响放松心情。

  学生反驳:这样太extreme了,原因:1、学生不知道这个是用于研究的,如果规定好rule 学生就不会踩踏了,所以这个可以纠正; 2、附近的花园离学生距离太远了,没有车基本没法去,而学生大部分都没有车,附近也没有交通设施,所以如果禁止会带来很严重的影响。

  Task 6












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