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  1. Do you think it’s a good idea for university to ask a student to leave school if he was caught cheating in exams? Explain your response in details. I don’t think the university should force the student leave school if he or she was caught cheating. Firstly, it is human beings’ nature to find shortcuts and most of us may have done this kind of staff once or twice in the whole life. Frankly speaking, people should be given the second chance to realize their errors and make it up later, especially university students. I think there are some better ways to deal with cheating like giving the student a warning or require him/her to have a make-up exam or retake the course.

  2. Talk about the advantages of moving to a new place to study or e are numerous benefits one can get by working and studying in a new t, living in new place enables me to experience a new living style and meet more interesting people, For example, when I first went to Beijing, I was very surprised by people for their hospitality and straightforwardness. For example, when facing a stranger in trouble, they will offer their help without hesitation. They will point out your mistakes directly even they are not so familiar with you, which is very different from those people in Southern China. Second, you are also more likely to be exposed to a new local culture, which might be totally surprising and fascinating.

  3. Teachers may make mistakes, including those experienced teachers. Describe one of the mistakes teachers may , I think a common mistake that even an experienced teacher tend to make is fail to take every student uniqueness into account. Like my math teacher in the primary school, he always thought everyone got what he meant, but actually only a few top students understood, and this resulted in truly bad grades. Also, there are times that teachers can be sort of impatient especially students ask questions that they are supposed to handle well. In this way students can get upset and lose confidence easily. Perhaps they will not inquiry again and leave the important points unsolved until the test comes.

  4. Describe a change in your school that was initially considered by students as having negative effects on their life but later proved to be  the change I would like to talk about is the 40-hour volunteer work requirement initiated last year in my school. At first, we were reluctant to follow this policy, coz we were so busy, always bombarded with various examinations, papers,presentations, club activities etc. We thought this change would only overburden our already tight schedule. However, one year later, everyone feels grateful to it, which not only helps us to enlarge our social circle and broaden our horizon, but gives us a great sense of achievement after doing those volunteer work, like teaching kids English, and helping senior citizens to clean rooms etc.

  5. Children would behave negatively before they learn how to behave appropriately. Which of the following behavior would you consider to be the most negative behavior of child? Use examples and details to support your idea. (a) Being selfish (b) Being impolite (c)Being loud As for a child, maybe being impolite to others is the most negative one, because this may have adverse effect on every thing in his daily life. If a child always is impolite to his peers, like speaking dirty words to other children, there might be conflicts between his friends and himself. If a child doesn't respect teachers, like interrupting teachers in class quite often, then his teachers might be angry with him.

  Inevitably, if a child behaves impolitely to his parents, such as not accepting his parents' right orders, his parents might punish him. Thus, a child might get stuck in each aspect in his life.

  6. Which one of the followings would you like to choose for your final project?

  Use examples and details to support your idea.(a) Presentation (b) writing paper (c) making video.

  Personally, I’d like to choose presentations for my final project. They are great because you can dwell on the important aspects of your discussion with pictures andgood captions, and also you can add in some visual aids and make a very spectacular layout to keep your audience listening. I remember last semester, our group chose to do a presentation instead of taking a final exam for the linguistic course. We spent like a month to select materials, take video clips of interviewees, design our power point presentation and stuff. And it turned out that our presentation was a great success and has left a deep impression on our professor and classmates. Until now, My professor is still proud of us.

  7. What is your opinion on the following statement? Students should be allowed to take snacks and beverage into classrooms. Well I think it is a good idea. Coz first, eating snacks can help students to concentrate better in classes. Like in my school, we usually have to take classes like 4 hours straight in a single morning. Hunger makes it hard for us to focus, so a small biscuit or a bar of chocolate can certainly help us to replenish energy and we will perform better in learning. Second, with snacks and beverages, we could have more opportunities to socialize with each other during class breaks, which will add spice to our routine life.

  8. Your university has acquired a piece of land next to the campus. There have been three options for the use of the land. Which do you prefer? Use examples and details to support your idea.

  (a) the athletic facilities and stadiums .

  (b) a park with nature trails

  (c) centers for students and hotel for campus guests

  I prefer to build a park with nature trails. For one thing, the park will be a good place to for students to relax themselves because they can breathe the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery while walking on nature trails. For another, the park will also bring fame to the university. As part of the university, the park will definitely be one of the landmarks in the campus, attracting visitors from nearby areas and even other cities. So, although athletic facilities and stadiums offer a place for students to take exercise and student centers and hotel bring convenience to students and visitors,I still believe a park is the best choice.

  9. Among the following jobs ,which do you is most interesting one? (a) airplane pilot (b) actor (c) detective. Use examples and details to support your idea.

  I would definitely think that being a detective is the most exciting thing in the world. I got my favorite detective book series, The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes, as a gift of my 12th birthday, and I got fascinated with Mr. Holmes’s science of deduction. It’s like magic that he can deduce marvelous conclusions just out of tiny leads. So later on, I began to read more detective books and in recent years, I fell in love with the American TV series Elementary. When I imagine that I am a world renowned private detective and got invited to every crime scene in the world to assist

  CIA, or FBI, to solve tricky cases and put criminals behind bars, I just can’t resist the excitement of the fantasy.  






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