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  1. Some people prefer to take a vocation in cities, while others prefer to spend their vocation in countryside. Which do you prefer? Explain why.

  I prefer to spend my vocation in cities for the following reasons. First, there’re so much more to do in a city comparing to being in the countryside. In a city, I’ll never run out of fun activities to do. For example, I can visit museums and watch movies. The things we get to do in the countryside are pretty limited. Second, I don’t drive, so it’s easier for me to get around in a city because there are buses and subways, even taxi services. In a city like Beijing, it’s very convenient to ride the subway which makes it possible for me to visit three to four places in a day.

  2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: we learn from failure, not from success? Please give specific reasons and details to support your idea.

  I agree that we learn from failure and not from success because we all fail more often than we succeed. And it’s the lessons from these failed attempts that build up our path to our ultimate goal. For example, my father retired as a successful investment banker, but before the last few successful trades towards the end of his career, he actually failed numerous times. There were many times when he overlooked the instability of the companies he was investing in or when he wasn’t able to secure sufficient capital for his fund because he made some verbal mistakes when pitching to his investors. However, all these failures had taught him what he should avoid in the next trade and eventually he succeeded in his goal. Therefore, I believe we learn more from our failure.

  3. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: the most important influences that young adults have are from their families? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  In my opinion, family members can definitely have the most important influence on young adults because the teenage is the most impressionable age for anyone and whatever we go through with our family during our teenage years has the power to condition our behaviors in adulthood. For instance, when I was in high school, I was struggling with peer pressure that I was always conscious about my grades and appearances. My family gave me a lot of support and told me that I should just be myself and not worry about competing with others all the time. If it weren’t for my parents’ advice, I would have been so unhappy at school.

  4. Some people prefer to share a large house with other students, others prefer to live in a smaller apartment alone. Which one do you prefer? Explain why.

  I prefer to live in a large house with others for the following reasons. First, sharing a house with three or four people is much more economical than living by myself. We can split the rent, utility and food cost. All of us can save a lot. We will carpool in the morning, do our part in saving the environment. Second, it’s fun living with a bunch of people. We can enjoy a few beers in the evening without going to a bar, or see a movie together and talk about it after.

  5. Some students prefer to have an early class schedule with classes in the morning. Others prefer to have a late schedule so they can go to classes in the afternoon. Which one do you prefer? Explain why. Please include reasons and details in your explanation.

  For me, having classes in the morning is better because it not only gives me more free time in the afternoon but also prevents me from getting up late. For instance, during every summer and winter break at school, it’s easy for me to sleep until lunchtime or even the afternoon and I always end up wasting almost half of a productive day. However, when I have early classes during the school days, I can go to the library to study or visit some professors at school to discuss any questions I have about the classes. It’s a much better use of time and helps me learn better at school. Therefore, I prefer having morning classes.

  6. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: parents should not allow their children to participate in any form of sport (football, basketball, ice hockey...) in order to protect their health from any form of injury? Explain why.

  Personally, I don't agree with that. I think kids should have their own freedom in choosing the kind of sports they like, including football, ice hockey and basketball. To begin with, although most of the sports can lead to injuries, it should not be decided by the parents which sports is more likely to cause injury. And lots of injuries can be prevented by proper protection, like chest protectors and nice shoes. Additionally, kids can cultivate their competitiveness and build up a strong body, since the above mentioned sports are pretty intensive, and require lots of running back and forth.

  7. With the development of technology, some people believe students will study on the Internet in the future, while others believe that students should still study in buildings. Which do you agree with and why? Use details and examples to explain your opinion.

  The increasing access to the Internet enables students to study whenever and wherever they want. The benefits of convenience achieved can help encourage students to individually arrange their own studying schedules. And as an advanced teaching method, the Internet can provide different studying reference, which helps students to learn the more cutting-edge and more precise knowledge. Students can hear from different opinions rather than the only voice of teachers in the classroom.

  8. Do you agree or disagree with the statement: it is easier for people today to lead a healthy life than people 100 years ago? Explain why.

  I do agree that people today could live a healthier life than people living in a century ago. To begin with, with the advancement of medicine and technology, some deadly diseases in the past are treatable now. In the past, people might die because of catching a cold. Besides, people today know much more knowledge in terms of how to live healthily. They could start with a balanced diet, eating much vegetable and fruit. Then they are able to do various exercises or sports to maintain their physical health. Last but not least, an increasing number of people become aware of the importance of living a healthy life. They are willing to spend their fortune on it. But people in the past probably care more about their material life.

  9. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that it's acceptable for students to disagree with their instructors? Use details and examples to explain your opinion.

  I agree that it’s acceptable that students disagree with their instructors. I believe there’ll be more merits for both of them. To begin with, if the instructor accepts and encourages the students to express their own opinions and even show a different opinion from their own, students can develop their creativity, which will be beneficial for their future career. And the instructor can get some new insights from the students as well. I used to teach some kids years ago as a volunteer teacher and sometimes they showed really creative ideas in my class, which was so eye-opening and I did learn a lot from them.

  10. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: it is more important to spend time working at jobs than spending time with families? Explain why.

  I would like to say that spending time on working is more preferable for me because working can help me earn some money so as to help me achieve my goal, that is, to feed my family and help them lead a decent life. If I spend huge amount of time on children, how can I earn money and help them receive a better education? Also, working can help me realize my dream and the whole process is great.


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